Trent and Maggie Jane had a wonderful 1st day!  They woke up excited for school, and I woke up with a wonderful peace about the school year.  In fact, my morning devotion was on transitions in our lives and the joy that God brings us through them.  How perfect!

Guess who was the first one ready? She put her back pack on 20 minutes before it was time to leave and didn't take it off.

He was even more eager to get to school than he was last year. I hope this trend continues for many years to come.

I wanted a picture of the three kids together, especially since Evie was dressed so well.  HA!  (I didn’t even know Evie had this hat on until I looked up to take the picture)  If I could combine these three pictures, we might have a good one.

NO, I didn’t take her anywhere like that!  I promise!

Well, I did forget her shoes!

Showing Mrs. Nantz their Angry Birds backpack clips.

Trent, Maggie, and Mrs. Prehm... and some extra light. Sorry, Mrs. Prehm for the halo on your head.

This is my most favorite picture of the day. Maggie saw her best buddy, Ezra, walk through the door and she almost tackled him. He was a tad surprised.

I hope that they have a wonderful year full of fun and learning, but most of all, I pray that they grow in strength and wisdom in our Lord Jesus Christ.