Tomorrow, I drop my baby girl off for pre-kindergarten.  You know, the one who I have worried about every day of her life.  The one who I wondered if she would live to see her 1st birthday.  The one who I have held through countless procedures and painful recoveries.  The one who has shown me how to live.  The one who brightens my day.  The one who talks so much that it makes me crazy, but I still wouldn’t want her to ever stop.  The one who CAN’T WAIT to go to school tomorrow.

She will be gone for 3 full days a week… 3 VERY LONG 6 1/2 hour DAYS!  I am so not ready for it, and I wish tomorrow wasn’t coming so quickly.  However, tonight… tonight I am praising my Jesus that my baby girl is ABLE to go to school tomorrow.