Our last summer CO trip was in July of 2008.  Maggie was 15 months old and Trent was almost 3.  So much has changed since then.

2008 - Our family of 4.

2011 - Our family of 5. Look how much they've grown!

Trent needed some assistance staying out of the water in 2008

2011 - Trent and Maggie had a blast exploring the water

2008 - Trent thought he was big stuff drinking out of the camelbak

2011 - Trent's job was to carry the camelbak for us

2008 - This one's my favorite! Maggie Jane wasn't even walking yet

2011- Maggie Jane by the same tree. Look how much she has grown!

2011 - Here is Evie by the same exact tree

There was lots of reminiscing on this trip.  I am so thankful for the many blessings God has given us in the last 3 years!