When people find out that we are going to Colorado in the summer, they always wonder what there is to do.  The answer is: HIKING!  Colorado is always gorgeous in the summer time and this time proved to be no different.  In fact, it might have been even more breath taking.  The mountains were filled with new waterfalls as much of the snow was still melting and running off the mountains.  We did two family friendly hikes on Monday.  It was so fun seeing the kids enjoying God’s creation.

Maggie did awesome at the high altitude. She spent about 1/2 of each hike in her "chariot" and the rest of the time she kept up with the other kiddos.

Trent was completely in his element on this trip. He had so much fun hiking and watching all of the waterfalls

Adams Falls

Oh no! There are supposed to be 4 Younce's in this picture. Do you see Maddux?

glad to be out of her carrier

I think he would have sat here all day if we had let him

I sure do love my man!

Gracie was so sweet the entire trip. She never once complained about not having anyone her age to play with. What a sweetheart!

Maddux is Trent's best buddy... except for his cousins, of course!

me and my girls

After a day of hiking, we were all tuckered out, but Evie got to crash first!