For those of you who don’t know, Trent is my cautious kiddo.  He loves all things daring like, monster trucks, skateboard tricks, and any other absolutely insane thing SOMEONE ELSE wants to try.  He wants to be brave and thinks he is until he tries it himself.  He is so afraid of getting hurt.  So, I just knew that teaching him to ride his bike would be a VERY long process.  We don’t have any concrete at our house except for our garage and sidewalk, and every thing around us is a little bit of a hill which means he really hasn’t had much of an opportunity to learn.

My goal was that he would know how to ride his bike by his 6th birthday.  However, we really haven’t worked on it at all this summer.  So, two weeks ago, Ryan took him to a big, flat parking lot to start the process. I stayed home with the girls, just knowing that it would be a frustrating couple of hours and didn’t want any part of it.  However, a couple hours later, my sweet boy walked through the door with the biggest, proudest grin on his face, and I knew exactly what he had done.  He had learned to ride his bike! “ON TWO WHEELS, MOM!”, he said.  I was almost as proud of him as he was.

Tonight, I had the privelege of seeing him on his bike and he is doing awesome!  I even got a tad teary eyed watching him.  I think, to me, it’s one more step to growing up and one more step closer to turning 6!

(I am so bummed that I forgot my camera tonight.  I”ll get a picture in the next week.  I have to capture the “look how cool I am” face.)