The kids did great during the 14 hour drive.  We had a hard time coordinating all of our stops with the 3 kids, but by the end we were pretty good at it.  We also started rationing drinks.  We spent the night at the Embassy Suites, a.k.a. The Colorado Hotel and then drove up the mountain the next day.  Our friends, The Younce’s, joined us for an amazing week.

We entertained Evie with things like paper plates

Trent and Maggie watched movies, colored, and tormented each other a little bit.

They also caught some shut-eye

We went to a rodeo the first night we were there.  In 2008, we went to this same rodeo, and Trent entered as a rookie Mutton Buster as an almost 3 yr. old.  This year, Trent decided to add a second Mutton Bustin ride to his resume.

Our Mutton Buster was a little bigger than last time he did this!

Trent was pretty proud of himself, and I was too. Right before Trent got on, another kiddo had a pretty rough landing.

Trent's buddy, Maddux, decided that Mutton Bustin was not for him.

Mrs. Younce and Gracie

Evie went from lap to lap and was not all that impressed with the rodeo