Because our cruise left from Charleston, we took the opportunity to visit one of my very dear friends.  Mandy is one of my "heart friends".  We met through our blogs and quickly became friends.  Our girls share a special bond that has drawn us together.  I love spending time with Mandy.  She and Chad have 5 beautiful children who are SO WELL BEHAVED.  I admire their parenting style so very much.  I can't wait to see how sweet Gabriella who arrives in 1 week will bless their family.

It was wonderful to be able to meet Chad and spend some special time with our sweet friends.  Ryan and I truely enjoyed our time with the Smith's and just wish that we could have stayed longer. 

Cruise2011 180w 

Chad, Mandy, and Evie

Cruise2011 177w 

Story time with Mr. Ryan
Cruise2011 178w 
Cruise2011 182w 
Bed Time at the Smith's

(Britian, Abi, Evie, Tristan, and Izzy)