Our cruise left from Charleston so after we got back, we spent a little time exploring the city.  I had been there last fall with my Mom and my girls.  However, Ryan had never been there.  It is beautiful!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous for us.  The southern architecture is stunning and so many of the houses have such amazing history.  I would love to spend a week there and go on a home tour and especially a garden tour… assuming these are offered. 

Cruise2011 135w 
Cruise2011 144w 
Cruise2011 149w 
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Cruise2011 156w 

I wanted to sneak in here and wander through this garden.  However, I enjoyed the view from outside the gate.
Cruise2011 168w 

Battery Park
Cruise2011 164w 
Cruise2011 161w 
Cruise2011 167w