In celebration of our 10th anniversary, which is coming in June, Ryan and I spent 5 days aboard the Carnival Fantasy.  Being able to talk uninterrupted, dine without spilled drinks and splattered food, and relax without worry was unbelievable and exactly what we needed.  While I missed my kids SO MUCH, this time with Ryan was priceless.

Cruise2011 029w 
Cruise2011 115w 
Cruise2011 005w 
Cruise2011 010w 

We spent a lot of time on the deck, reading and relaxing!
Cruise2011 098w 
Cruise2011 026w 
Cruise2011 037w 

The water was gorgeous and Ryan had a blast playing in the sand… he's still a kid at 31!
Cruise2011 045w 
Cruise2011 012w 
Cruise2011 025w 

Ryan, thank you for 10 amazing years.  I love you so much!