Maggie had her 4 yr. well visit today, and except for a little ear infection she got a good report:

  • 50th% for height and weight… really good for a heart kiddo
  • oxygen saturations at 91%… a tad higher than they had been
  • on track developmentally

Once Dr. Beumer had read Maggie a book, given Sabie (maggie's imaginary friend) a shot, and listened to Maggie's long stories, we were outta there.  We went down the elevator and walked down the hall.  Then, my sweet girl tripped and fell, hitting her nose on the floor.  I set down the diaper bag, my purse, papers, and Evie right in the middle of the hallway.  I held Mags as she cried and just knew that her nose would start bleeding at any minute.  It did.  I grabbed a wipe and held her nose and made sure Evie didn't crawl too far away.  I kept thinking that someone would walk by and offer to help.  Several people walked by, including a custodian pushing a cart.  He gave us a "how dare you sit in the middle of the hallway" look and pushed his cart right over Maggie's shoe which had come off.  I wanted to scream!  I couldn't believe that at least 5 people walked by and either acted as if they couldn't see us or that we were in their way.  Finally, someone showed some consideration and offered to help.  She picked my stuff up for me and set it on a nearby table.  Maggie calmed down enough for us to finish walking to our car, and we decided to forego our other errands.  She's perfectly fine now and I'm still a little astounded at the lack of consideration people showed.