It's April and with that comes a huge ball of emotions for me.  I am so excited to be celebrating the births of my two sweet girls.  However, with April also comes the memories of that awful day that Maggie was diagnosed and the events that followed.  I am to a point in our journey that I often forget that Maggie has a "special heart".  Most days, I see her as a normal little girl who runs and plays with her brother, cousins, and friends.  I see a little girl who loves to play dress up and loves all things girly.  I see a little girl who makes me smile 500 times a day.  However, it's in April that I remember that there is so much more.  I remember what it felt like to be told that she would need surgery before going home with us, that she had half a heart, and that she would later need at least 2 more surgeries.  I remember what it felt like to say goodbye to my precious newbory baby as I gave her to her surgical team, and wonder if I would ever hold her in my arms again.  In April, I am reminded more than ever that my girl's life has been and will always be so very different from the lives of her friends. 

Thankfully, I am also reminded of the many miracles that her life has held… the joy and triumph of her each and every day.  She is a daily reminder to me that God's blessings often come through raindrops.  So, it is with sadness AND joy that I cautiously and yet excitedly step in to April.