There has been a major change in our adoption journey in the last couple weeks. Ethiopia made significant changes to their program which will drastically slow it down.  As Ryan and I were talking about where we go from here, we really felt like God was telling us that Ethiopia was not the country we should be adopting from. 

Ryan and I have been concerned from the beginning about bringing an African child in to the rural community that we live in. We know beyond a shadow of doubt that we would love him as our own… that his race would NEVER be an issue for US.  However, we began to wonder if it was fair to expect him to feel at home when he would be the only one who looked like him EVERYWHERE he went: school, church, grocery store, sports teams, even the park.  We are exploring our other options and are listening to His still, small voice.  We know that while this was a change in our plans, it is most certainly not a change in HIS plans.  He knew all along that our adoption journey would have a twist in the road.  We covet your prayers for wisdom and discernment.