This year we got to do something a little different on heart day.  After our normal celebration , we headed to the sledding hill in Winter Park.  I completely expected for one of us to be sitting in the van with Evie as we went right during her morning nap time.  She was one sleepy girl but was quite the little sweetheart.


She didn't stay happy like this for very long but after a little bit of this….


Papa's magic touch did the trick…

She slept the ENTIRE time we were there. 

That meant I got to enjoy the time with these sweethearts who weren't so sleepy.


 Trent is my winter weather boy.  He loves playing in the snow, sledding, and skiing. 

He even gets a little braver out in the winter wonderland.

Maggie enjoys herself but doesn't get in to it quite like her brother.



What a wonderful way to spend Valentine's Day with the loves of my life.