We've had a lot more snow this winter than normal.  Unfortunately, most days, it's been too cold for the kids to play in it for very long.  One of these such days, I knew that the kids would be restless and bored.  So, after Maggie had begged for me to make her a blanket tent several times and then knocked it down several times, I decided I would give her the real deal.


I set up our smaller tent in her bedroom. 

This took a little work as it took up her entire room, however, it was soooo very worth it.

They played in there all day long and had so much fun.




They wanted to take their naps in the tent but after many rounds of "Lay still and go to sleep" and "Maggie, stop wrestling with your brother" and "Trent, stop giggling", I decided that it wasn't going to be a very productive nap time and made them get in their own beds.