I can't believe that my Evie Kait is 10 months old!  This year is flying by.  I want it to slow down so I can enjoy her sweet babyness just a little longer.  She is still a complete joy, although, she continually keeps me on my toes.  She is SOOOOO busy.  She has been army crawling since she was about 7 months old and can get anywhere she wants VERY QUICKLY.  She is also pulling up and cruising around everything, and has a new found love for her brother's train table and her sister's kitchen… which means the play area always looks as if a tornado has torn through.  Yesterday, I found her in the bathroom playing in the toilet… EWWWWW!    She is quite the busy little girl and loves to play in Trent and Maggie's rooms which are technically off limits, but she manages to sneak in there from time to time.  We have a little jabberbox on our hands.  This girl is talking up a storm.  Most of it is just jabber but she does already have a couple words.  Her favorite is "ba-ba" (bottle), but she also says "bye-bye", and once in awhile we can get "ma ma" and "da da" out of her.  She is about to add 4 more teeth to her current 3.  She is sweet as can be, but just as ornery.  We love her to pieces, and are trying to enjoy every minute… even the messy ones.