This fall, a dear friend taught me to make bows.  I don't think she or I realized how much I would quickly grow to love this new hobby.  Since September, I have gone through a box of 100 alligator clips and I'm quickly going through another.  I've enjoyed making them for my girls, my nieces, my friends' girls, and Maggie's friends at school.  I have been able to teach some of my friends to make them and we had a bow making party for Operation Christmas Child boxes.  I absolutely LOVE making bows.  I have recently decided to start selling them… I'm NOT opening an shop or starting a website.  I'm just doing it by word of mouth, and we'll see where it goes.  I'm pretty sure Ryan won't be able to retire off of it… although he would be thrilled.  Maybe it will just pay for my new found hobby or maybe it will help send my kids to Christian school… we'll see.  No matter what happens, I love making bows.

I made this one for my niece.  Purple and White are her school colors.


I made 4 of these for my Mom to give to the little girls in her sunday school class.


My mom had me make this one for my niece for a Christmas present.


 These Christmas ones were sold at a local craft fair to benefit my kids school.

002 (4) 

Christmas present for my niece


Christmas bows for Maggie and Evie


Christmas presents for my nieces

 001 - Copy

"Every girl is a gift from God. 

Bows are the wrapping on the gift."