This morning my Dad took Trent golfing… real golfing.  Trent was so excited.  I, honestly, had my doubts.  He likes golf, but I wasn't sure he like it all that much.  They were playing a 9 hole course and I couldn't imagine him being patient enough to play all 9 holes. 

When they got there, Trent got out of the car, and said, "Papa, put my bags on my back.  I got 'em Papa.  They used to be too heavy for me, but not anymore.  I can get 'em all by myself."  He walked a few steps and then says, "You know, Papa, some day we should get a golf cart."  My Dad grabs his bag and heads over to the cart that my Dad, unknown to Trent, had reserved for them.  Dad puts his clubs on the back, and Trent says, "hey, whatcha doing?"  My Dad says, "well, I thought we might use a cart today."  Needless to say, Trent was beyond excited and almost couldn't believe it. 



Trent played all 9 holes like a champ!  He loved it!  I asked if he carried his ball to the hole and Dad said that he most certainly did not.  The only time he moved his ball was to carry it over the creek twice.  He did not like the idea of losing it in the water.  He may not have gotten a hole in one, but I'm pretty sure the experience was a hole in one in his book.