You know there are some days on this journey that I almost forget that I'm a heart mom.  The days pass like we are no different from other families.  Besides her cardiac cath, Maggie hasn't been to the dr. since April for her well visit and hasn't seen her cardiologist since February.  Nothing has changed with Maggie.  She's still doing great!  For that, I am so very thankful!

However, I learned last week that her cardiologist is going to be leaving our hospital.  We are so sad to see her leave, and are now faced with a huge decision.  We have received a couple of very respected recommendations and now have to decide who is the right fit for Maggie and our family.  In the beginning, we chose her dr. by who seemed to be the most knowledgeable and who WE clicked with best.  However, now, one of the biggest questions is, "Who does Maggie click with best?"  Yes, we still want someone who is very experienced and knowledgeable but Maggie HAS to like them. 

As I am faced with this decision, I am reminded that, yes, I am STILL a heart mom and I still have a heart baby.  However, I am also reminded that God is STILL God and He is STILL holding us and is STILL in control.