We had so much fun in SC getting to know our friends even better.  Maggie had so much fun in a very girly house.  My friend, Mandy has 5 amazing kids.   Seriously, I have never seen such well behaved and helpful children.  Mandy and her husband, Chad are doing a wonderful job raising their children.  There were endless smiles in the Smith house with 6 kiddos and a baby.
Sc2010 063w
Left to right: Abi 8, Evie 2, Tristan 8, Izzy 4, Maggie 3, Britain almost 6
We spent lots of time by and in the lake which is right out their back door.
Sc2010 020w
Sc2010 093w
Mandy's brother and 2 of his college buddies stopped by on Saturday night and Maggie had so much fun with them.  It was great to see these 3 college guys being so sweet with our kids.
Sc2010 089w
Sc2010 081w
There were makeovers and pedicures…
Sc2010 074w
… and lots of baby Evie spoiling
Sc2010 055w
And in between keeping our 7 children fed and happy, Mandy and I got to do lots of talking and story sharing.  It was a time of sweet friendship and I look forward to more of the same in the future.
Sc2010 102w
On Monday, we said our goodbyes, and headed to Charleston for two days on the beach.  Before we checked in to our hotel we spent the afternoon in Charleston doing some sightseeing and shopping.  We found a very cute little cupcake shop and just had to indulge.
Sc2010 105w
Sc2010 110w
Maggie and Evie had so much fun at the beach.  I definitely expected Maggie to enjoy it, but I didn't really know what to expect from Evie Kait.  She LOVED it! 
Sc2010 139w
Sc2010 150w
Sc2010 w
 I enjoyed every minute with my girls…

Sc2010 153w
Sc2010 156w
… and my Mom. 
Sc2010 132w 
  We spent our last night enjoying the beautiful, historic city of Charleston.
Sc2010 180w
Sc2010 181w
 This was an unforgettable trip filled with beautiful memories.