My boy is all about fish these days, and he has been for several months.  To put it lightly, he is obsessed with fish.  He reads the "F" encyclopedia and has learned all about the fish in it.  He can tell you the name of probably 50 fish and whether they are freshwater or saltwater, along with numerous other facts about them.  He loves to watch them, learn about them, talk about them, catch them, and eat them.  So, for his 5th birthday, we decided to give him an awesome surprise.  While he was at school, on wednesday, we transformed his room in to a "fish" room, and finished it off with quite the aquarium upgrade.  He went from a 3 gallon to a 20 gallon tank.

The expression on his face was worth every bit of time and money we spent on his special present.  I wouldn't change a thing.  I love his room and so does he.  My favorite thing about his room is how personal it is.  It was definitely a team effort, and lots of love went in to the transformation.

August2010 002 (3)

August2010 042

August2010 112

August2010 044 
It took us awhile to get him away from his tank to look at the rest of his room.

August2010 105 
This is a picture of Trent at the beach last year, showing me a shell.

August2010 129
Trent's Mammie made him this awesome quilt and pillow sham, and bought him the wall decal.

August2010 130

August2010 131 
Above his bed are his favorite fish pictures from one of his favorite books.

August2010 133 
This is one of my favorite parts of his room.

My Mom took the amazing fishing pictures of Trent and gave them to him for his bday.

August2010 122

August2010 124 
Ryan painted these when he was 11 and 12 yrs. old.  They are absolutely perfect in his room and I love that Trent has some artwork from his Daddy.  Trent's REALLY proud of these.

August2010 106

August2010 108 
Trent's Nana painted these just for Trent's room and they turned out great.

August2010 046 
I have big 5 yr. old boy who absolutely LOVES his new room.