Hard time falling asleep + First one awake in the morning = 1 boy ready to start pre-k



I'm excited to see what this year has for my big guy.  He has a wonderful teacher and he's at a wonderful school.  Over 20 years ago, God led a group of parents, including mine, to start Crosspoint Christian School.  It is committed to teaching God's Word in every area, and that is why our children are there. 


Trent and Mrs. Prehm

Trent Ryan, you are one sweet boy.  I pray that you ALWAYS enjoy learning as much as you do right now.  You are a sponge for knowledge, and I love that about you.  I also hope that Mrs. Prehm likes learning about fish because you are just dying to tell her all about them.  I love you sweet boy, and I pray that you have a wonderful year full of learning about God's great world.  I'm so proud of you, Mama