I would love for my house to look like it came straight from a Pottery Barn Catalog, BUT I have kids (and a budget).  In the last few days, I've been working at making our house more "kid friendly".  I've been reorganizing, repurposing, and rearranging.  Today, was a day of rearranging.  I took my "Mom friendly" sun room and turned it into a play room for the kids.

July2010 115

We moved Maggie's kitchen out of the dining room and into the sunroom

July2010 114

and we brought Trent's train table up from the basement and moved their table in there as well.  They are already enjoying the space, and I think I will too.

July2010 113 

I had a cute little white table in the corner of the sunroom that I needed to find a place for.  Since we moved into our house, the only t.v. in our upstairs was in our bedroom.  This meant the kids and everything that follows them (i.e. snacks, drinks, lovies, and toys) were often found in our bedroom.  So, we're trying it in the living room.  We'll see how it goes.

July2010 118

We don't have a t.v. antenna, cable, or satellite.  We just do videos here in the Mahoney house so the t.v. is really not the main gathering spot.  Hence, the little bitty television.  We do have a bigger one in the basement for Wii playing.

July2010 117