Yes, I know, I'm crazy!  But, I LOVE to organize.  On days or weeks or months that I tackle an organization project, I feel like a new woman.   Our office is a little nook off of the kids' hallway that houses a small little computer workspace.  I try to keep this space relativley neat, but in the 15 months that we have lived here, I have not developed an organization system for this space.  



While I can't wait to get my hands on this space, I need to buy several things to do it.  Sooooo, it will have to wait until next month when the budget allows for such a thing.  So, I started on a different project that I've been wanting to tackle for awhile… the kids coloring supplies, workbooks, coloring books, and learning tools.  All of these items were in various places around the house.  Some were in Trent's closet, some were in the office, and most were in this:


This basket held crayons, learning tools, coloring books, and other misc. things for the kids to do.  I really liked that it was all easily accessible, however, I was so tired of it being in my living room for all to see.  So, today, I tackled this project.  

First, I rearranged a couple kitchen cabinets to free up the one I had my eye on to repurpose as the kids activity cabinet.  Second, I gathered all of the materials from the above mentioned locations, and put it in like piles.  I immediately discovered that they had a lot more coloring tools than I thought.  So, I used a variety of plastic storage containers to divide them all up and then I labeled them. 


I then used magazine holders for the coloring books and workbooks


and a basket for the misc. learning tools like flash cards, magnetic letters, and lacing cards.


All of these add up to a organized activity cabinet that is easily accessible to the kiddos and closes so I don't have to look at it.  Although, it looks so nice right now that I kind of like looking at it.


Oh, and the beautiful hand-made basket that once housed all of this stuff has now been re-purposed to take care of this problem: 


  Did I mention that I didn't have to buy one single thing for this project?  I call this a successful day!