For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to adopt.  I even remember begging my mom to adopt when I was younger.  Ryan and I have always said that we would adopt a child at some point, but we never knew when that would be.

I love that Trent and Maggie are 19 months apart… they are becoming super close.  I want Evie to have that as well.  So, Ryan and I believe that it is now time for us to add our fourth child to our family.  I say this knowing that God CAN and WILL open and close doors as He sees fit and when He sees fit.  Saying that, we have begun the process of adoption.  We have started the research and are almost positive we will be doing an international adoption and have pretty much narrowed it down to one country and one agency.  The country has a mandatory age gap between the youngest child in the family so we will be waiting at least 3 more months to start the application process. 

Please be praying that God's will will be perfectly clear to us, and that we will follow Him faithfully on this new journey.