Trent's school year finished up last week.  He had a wonderful year and learned lots.  We are blessed to be able to send our children to Christian school.  I grew up in Christian School and Ryan went to the same Christian high school as I did.  We know the value of it and make it a priority for our family.  Trent's b-day is August 18th so he misses the cut off for Kindergarten which means he gets to do Pre-K again this year.  Trent will switch to Crosspoint Christian School this year which is the school that I attended and my parents helped start. 

Even though Trent will be in Pre-K again this year, he got to participate in the Pre-K graduation program with the rest of his friends. 

I was very impressed with what they worked on in Music Class throughout the year.

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag…

This Little Light of Mine


Trent's 2 teachers this year:  Mrs. Cella and Mrs. Branson