3:50 – Ryan calls from "commuter lot" just like he usually does when he gets to his car and asks what's going on tonight.  I tell him (a tad irritated that he forgot) that we were going to our friends house for dinner and that he needed to get home so I could get my jog in before we needed to leave.

4:00 – Ryan walks in the door and I go out for my jog

4:25 – I come in and shower and don't bother to style my hair or put on my make up… BIG MISTAKE!

4:50 – Leave for our friends house with a salad to share for our dinner

5:20 – Arrive at friends house and there is no dinner prepared and it appears that they weren't expecting us for dinner.  We stand around and talk for a couple minutes.

5:25 – After seeing Ryan check the time a couple times on his phone, he looks at me and says, "Well, we better get going if we're going to make our reservation."  Seriously?!  Here I was with a wet head and clothes that I had been wearing around the house all day and we had dinner reservations! 

So, after NOT being able to surprise me with anything for the last 12 years, my sweet husband utterly and completely surprised me with a wonderful night which included a delicious dinner, new earrings, and roses. 


All in celebration of this…


Tomorrow will be 9 years that I have been married to my junior high sweetheart.  I love you babe!

Happy Anniversary!