We had the privelege of saying goodbye to Maggie's surgeon who is moving to Vancouver, Canada next week.  You all know how much I care for Dr. Gandhi and what he means to our family.  Maggie was so excited to see him, but she did want to be perfectly clear that he would NOT be giving her anymore shots.


The get together was at a great Italian restaurant in St. Louis and anyone who wanted to say farewell to Dr. Gandhi was welcome to come.  Maggie met a new heart buddy named Gavin.  He was 4 yrs old and had just had his Fontan last summer too.  He looked AMAZING!  This lil guy really enjoyed Maggie and followed her around the room most of the time. 


Dr. Gandhi said that Mags had herself a boyfriend.  :-)  I almost cried when the lil guy, saw Maggie's scar sticking out the top of her sundress and said, "Look, Mom, she has a scar like me."  He then lifted his shirt, revealing his scar to Maggie.  Her eyes lit up and I don't think she quite knew what to think.  She knows other kids have "special hearts" but it was good for her to meet a little guy and actually see his scar and know that Dr. Gandhi fixed his heart too.


We hung around for a little longer and then said goodybe to a man who we will never forget.