Monday morning began at 7:00 a.m. for us when the phone rang and St. John's Hospital said to come on in for my induction.  I called my Mom to let her know and finished getting ready.  We were at the hospital at 8:10 and we got the ball rolling.



I was already dilated to 3 cm and almost 80% effaced.  They started my pitocin a little before 10:00 and then my dr. came in and broke my water shortly after.  I was able to get my epidural shortly after that and then things were smooth sailing.  At 1:15 I was 5 cm and about 5 minutes after that I felt A LOT of pressure and I was 10 cm.  It happened so fast that they weren't sure if my dr. was going to get there for the delivery and they had a resident waiting.  My Dr. walked in to the room at 1:42 and at 1:44 Evangeline Kait had made her bold entrance in to our world.  I pushed two times… that's right 2 times. 





She came out wide eyed and full of hair… 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 1/2 inches (Maggie's exact measurements at birth).  It was all so surreal because it happened so fast.  There was no time to even think about what was happening.  After they took her off my belly and over to the bassinet to check her out, I started worrying.  I couldn't help but wonder if my world was going to come crashing down around me at any minute.  What blow were we going to be given?  However, they did very thorough exams including Blood Pressure and Pulse-Ox checks on all 4 extremities and except for some low blood sugar (which was fixed very quickly with some formula) she was a picture of perfect health.

We spent the first day holding our sweet girl and visiting with family.  Trent and Maggie LOVED seeing their new baby sis and Maggie couldn't keep her hands off of her.  She just kept petting her head and giving her kisses.  It was amazing to see Maggie Jane quickly become such a big girl.  She's no longer my baby. 



Day 2 involved her hearing screening and her echocardiogram.  We were relieved to get good reports from both of these tests and at this point could truely breathe.


Day 3, we got to pack up and go home… like any normal family would do.  It was very strange.  With Trent, we spent 5 days at the hospital due to some fluid on his lungs and with Maggie we left the hospital with her in an ambulance.  It was wonderful to just be able to go home.

We are settling in nicely and enjoying our family with our newest addition.