Maggie Jane,

I CANNOT believe that you are 3 yrs. old today.  Happy Birthday!  You are my miracle girl and I treasure every day I have with you.  I usually write you a long letter for your birthday, but I think this year I'm just going to tell you some of my favorite things about you:

1. your love for life… you enjoy every minute of every day and your joy is very contagious

2. the way your face tells every thing about you… happy or sad, peaceful or scared, angry or content.  You are one animated little girl.

3. you have an amazing intuition about life that I have never seen in a 3 yr. old.  I continue to be amazed at how much you comprehend.  Some days, I wish you didn't understand so much because unfortunately you have had to grow up way too fast.  However, you continue to teach me so much.  Thank You!

4. your compassion for others

5. your sassiness.  Yes, I do love it right now.  I know that someday I will be saying something quite different.

6. the way you flap your arms when you're excited

7. the way you can't quite say your "r's"

8. how much you love your "bubby" and I love that you call him "bubby".  When people ask you what his name is, you say, "bubby". 

9. you are my snuggle girl and I love every minute of it.  I think I would snuggle you until the sun stopped shining if I could.

10.  your imagination!  I love listening to you talk and play with your imaginary friends: Sabie, Gob, and Cu-Cu.

I love everything about you and I love watching you grow.  You are my sunshine and my joy.  Sparkle and shine, sweet girl.

All my love,