For those of you who don't know, Trent LOVES monster trucks.  He has had the 2008 Monster Jam book for a couple years and has all of the trucks and their drivers memorized.  He watches the same monster jam video over and over and knows exactly what happens to what truck next.  This year for Christmas, he got the Monster Jam Wii game and it is of course his favorite game. 

February 6th, he went to his 3rd Monster Jam with his Dad, Papa, Uncle Seth, Seth Robert, and "Mr. Jay".  This year was a little more special because he got to go to the pit party before Monster Jam.  I didn't get to go this year because I thought it might be a little long for this pregnant body to tolerate.  However, after having his life threatened if he didn't take enough pictures, Ryan took lots of great pictures and I was able to get a glimpse in to one of Trent's favorite days.  I think it comes in a close second to Sea World and that's saying A LOT! 

The lines for the big name drivers were quite long, but Trent got to meet some new drivers and now has some new favorites.



Trent and Seth Robert (his cousin) with Maximum Destruction!


In front of the big jump.  I think these are their tough faces.



This is my favorite pic!  How many times do you get to play in the Monster Jam dirt?  Trent told me they were building a ramp!


Once the show started, there were lots of jumps…


and lots of crashes!


Trent, as always, enjoyed all of it!