It has been 5 months and a few days since Maggie's Fontan surgery.  Numerous people have joined with us in praying for our Maggie Jane.  She has been on many prayer lists including the one at our church and my MOPS group.  They both read, "pray for Maggie Jane Mahoney as she continues to recover from her open heart surgery."  In fact, a month ago, the mom from our MOPS group who puts together the newsletter and prayer list, asked me, "How is Maggie doing?  Should I still keep her on our list?".  I had to think about this.  Obviously, I will always want prayer for Maggie.  However, it read that she was still recovering from surgery.  Was this true?  I told her to keep it on there until her Feb. 1 appointment, and then I would let her know.  I just kept fearing that something would go wrong in between appointments and we would take a step back. 

So, after today's appointment, I would have to say that Maggie has indeed recovered from her surgery.  She is being taken off of her "recovery" meds and doesn't see her cardiologist for a whole year.  I talked with Dr. S. today about "failed fontans" and she was very honest with me.  It is still a very real possibility for Maggie's fontan to fail and that will always be a possibility.  However, it is a complete unknown and she shows absolutely NO signs of it occuring.  Dr. S. looked at me and said quite bluntly, "You know, we never know when our healthy children are going to get diagnosed with cancer or be in a fatal car accident.  It's out of our control and there's no point worrying about it.  You are now going to only see me once a year.  It is your job to ALLOW your family to be as normal as possible.  Your daughter's heart has been repaired and it's time to enjoy life." 

WOW!  I totally needed to hear that.  It's not going to be easy for me to do, but it's what I have to do.  I know that there will be days that the worry and fear creep in, but my prayer is that I will be able to live each day with a peace that surpasses all understanding.

So, while Maggie pours her "yucky medicine" (lasix) down the drain, I'm happy to say that she has recovered from her 3rd heart surgery!

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So happy, to be done with lasix!

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