Maggie had a cardiology appointment this morning and it went great.  I have to say that I was very anxious for this appointment.  We hadn't seen Dr. Sharkey in 3 months and I couldn't help but wonder if anything had changed in that time.  There has also been a lot going on in the "heart world" and I was beginning to do my share of worrying.  However, Dr. Sharkey assured me that there was nothing to worry about.  I just need to learn to take one day at a time and stop thinking about the unchangeable future.

Maggie's blood pressure and heart rate were wonderful.  Her oxygen saturations are still hanging out at around 90%.  I will address that in a minute.  Dr. Sharkey said her lungs sounded perfectly clear and her liver felt wonderful (enlarged liver is sign of heart failure so they always check that).  It had been awhile since she had an echocardiogram so we had to tackle that today.  I am so thankful that Maggie went with me for my last ultrasound because she got to see me lay still for it and see that there wasn't anything to be afraid of.  She was so incredibly brave!  My amazing 2 yr. old laid so still which is quite a change.  She has been sedated for the last 2 echos so it was quite a relief.  She was not thrilled with getting her EKG because they put 10 little stickers on her chest and belly and she doesn't like those at all.  They hurt when they take them off.  She made it through like quite the little trooper.

Dr. Sharkey said that her heart function was absolutely wonderful!  Her EKG looked great too!  She thought that one of her pulmonary veins seemed a little small so she is going to go back and look at her cath pictures from July and see what those showed.  Because of her lower than desired oxygen saturations and potential narrowing of the one pulmonary vein, Maggie MIGHT have a cardiac catheterization late this coming summer.  We will know more after Dr. Sharkey looks at the cath from July.  If they do a cath, they will be mainly just verifying that everything is as good as it appears to be, checking that pulmonary vein, and coiling some more collaterals to get her saturations higher.  I am totally okay with this.  In fact, it will be nice to know for sure what is going on in side her little heart and to hopefully get those oxygen saturations up where we want them.

Dr. S took her completely off of her lasix which is huge for us!  Maggie hates that medicine and it makes her pee like crazy throughout the night.  It will be nice to not have to change her in the middle of the night.  In one month, we will also discontinue her diuretic.  So, after March 1st she will be down to 3 medications again!  Praise the Lord!!!  AND… except for the potential cath in August, we don't see Dr. Sharkey for a whole year.  We have never gone this long, so please pray for peace of mind for me.

We are so thankful for the good news of this visit, and even more thankful for all of you who have been lifting our sweet girl up in prayer.  Thank you, Lord, for continuing to keep Maggie's heart strong.  We are so blessed.