One day, last week, Ryan walked in with the mail and made my day.  In his hand was a note from this man:

Maggiesbirthday 001

I don't talk about him very often, but this is the man who saved Maggie's life.  He was the house pediatrician at St. John's who did Maggie's discharge exam and heard her heart murmer.  Because of his careful concern, we did not make it home with our newborn daughter where her heart would have begun to give up and she would have become very blue and very possibly died before we could have gotten her to the hospital.  He ordered an echocardiogram and the rest is history.  Very often, pediatricians hear a heart murmer and send the child home with orders to have it checked at their next appointment.  We are so very thankful for this man and have kept him updated on Maggie's progress.

We, of course, sent him a Christmas card with pictures of the kids and an update about our family.  He took time out of his busy schedule to write us a fairly lengthy note that said how happy he was to hear how well Maggie is doing along with some other things and updates about what he is now doing.  It was so good to hear from him.  I cried as I read his sweet little note and thought about what he means to our family.