I have been absolutely terrible about blogging about this pregnancy.  I hope this isn't how the rest of Evangeline's life is going to be, but I have heard that the more kids you have the less pictures you take.  So, we'll see. 

I am 27 weeks today, and I definitely feel pregnant.  I have been so blessed in all 3 of my pregnancies to not have morning sickness.  However, I still do not enjoy being pregnant.  I do not have as much energy as I had with the other 2 even though I am in my 2nd trimester still.  I still need a nap almost every day and get worn out so easily.  I have had braxton hicks contractions very early with all 3 of the kids, but they seem to be more frequent this time.  I've talked to the dr. and he is not concerned as long as they don't get more regular.  However, I definitely try to take it easy most of the time which is really hard to do with a 4 yr. old and an almost 3 yr. old. 

I've had 3 level 2 ultrasounds and Evangeline Kait appears to be very healthy.  Our prayer is that she continues to grow safely inside of me and arrives safe and sound.  I do plan to request an echocardiogram before we take her home from the hospital and have begun to iron out the details for that.  There is a little question as to if the insurance will pay for it or not.  Still working on that one. 

We've started getting her "room" ready.  Her room is a little nook in our master bedroom that we designed especially for baby #3.  Ryan is working on refinishing the dresser and then it should be all ready for our sweet girl.

We are very excited and in my mind, April can't come soon enough.  Maggie and Trent can't wait to meet their baby sister and I can't wait to see her in their arms.  I am so thankful for each of my children and the blessing athat they are in our lives.