This weekend, Maggie hit a HUGE milestone.  The paci fairy came to visit.  It is something that we've been talking about for awhile.  She'll be 3 in April and it was time.  We wanted it to be gone before Evangeline arrives, but I had been dreading making the step.  We started doing it gradually.  She got it during naptime, bed time, and in the car.  However, I would give in to her sweet pleas and let her have it other times as well.  This is why we decided to do it cold turkey.  I felt like it was almost harder on her to have to understand when she could have it and when she couldn't.

So, friday, I was all geared up to take the plunge.  Ryan and I went to Target and bought a couple presents that she would get after she gave her pacis to the paci fairy.  Then, it all hit me.  I hated the thought of making her give up something that was so special to her.  I kept seeing her sweet face in my head and I could see past the pacis.  I pictured all of the things my sweet girl had been through and I didn't want to make her do one more difficult thing.  If any child deserved to keep her pacis a little longer than is recomended then it was my girl.  Then, I got home and read a post from my dear blogging friend and it made it even harder.  I thought of every excuse to let her keep them… to let her stay my baby just a little longer.  However, I also knew that she would have to get rid of them some time and it wasn't going to be any easier on her or ME if we kept waiting.

So, Saturday, she got to have it all morning.  We took some video of her doing her paci trick (spinning it from upside down to right side up with no hands).  She told us how much she loved her pacis.  Then we told her that she was a big girl now and it was time for the paci fairy to come and take her pacis away.  She put her pacis in a little gift bag and put them on the front porch.  As soon as she came in, she ran to the window to watch for the paci fairy.  It was sooooo cute.  The best thing about the paci fairy is that they don't come until you go to sleep.  So, she laid down for her nap and went to sleep without a tear.  When she woke from her nice, long nap, the paci fairy had come and gone and had left her a present… a big bouncy ball and a princess toy.  She even got a note from the paci fairy. 

She has done so well with it.  She asks for her paci a couple times a day but has not cried about it at all!  She is having a little difficulty sleeping at night but that will get better with time… hopefully sooner than later.  I love my big girl and I am so proud of her.