We spent the week after Christmas in CO at my parent's mountain home.  Every year we make more memories and enjoy the beauty of God's handiwork.  
Trent spent way too much time playing his new Wii game… Monster Jam, of course.
December2009 262(2)
Yet, he thoroughly enjoyed sledding…
December2009 252(2)  
While he was a little timid with skiing at first…
December2009 310(2) 
December2009 315(2)
… he LOVED it after awhile…
December2009 335(2)
…and was doing it all by himself at the end!
December2009 338(2)
We are now saving our pennies because this ski bum…
December2009 324(2)
…is ready for ski school!  We were so proud to see the progress he made this year. 
Maggie was definitely NOT interested in skiing or sledding. 
While she gave both a try…
December2009 250(2)
December2009 317(2) 
December2009 323(2)
… she was much more interested in playing with the snow and on the playground!
December2009 294(2) 
December2009 349(2)
We were thrilled that she was able to stay out in the cold with us without turning blue.  This was a definite first for her and was wonderful to see.

Ryan and my Dad enjoyed 2 days on the slopes, while I enjoyed reading a book by the fire and spending time with my favorite people.

December2009 279(2)
December2009 284(2)
 December2009 281(2)
December2009 329(2)
December2009 283(2)