We are truely enjoying this Christmas season.  It has been full of house decorating, Christmas parties, a couple dr. appointments, reading lots of Christmas stories, listening to Christmas music, baking cookies, Christmas shopping, and just watching our kids eyes light up with all of the excitement of Jesus' birthday. 

I know that I have shared this with you before, but Christmas is even more special since Maggie was born.  When you imagine a lifetime of Christmases without your baby girl, then everyone that she is a part of is even more special.  This child enjoys every second of every day, and that includes Christmas.  She loved decorating the tree and tells me almost every day that the Christmas decorations look pretty.  She can't wait to open her presents and loves hearing about baby Jesus.  She is hoping to get "princess stuff" for Christmas and I think we might be able to grant that wish. 

Trent is also enjoying Christmas.  He isn't in to all of the decorations as much as Mags is, but he's a boy.  He loves all of our Christmas stories and loves to help me bake.  He wants one thing for Christmas, "a super dooper race track with a loopy -d- loop".  Guess we'll have to see what's under the tree on Christmas morning. 

We got a little dusting of snow friday night and it was just enough for them to get to try out our only sledding hill.  The hill was perfect for them… just fast enough but not too fast.  Thankfully, it's not too steep for Trent to pull his own sled back up.  Maggie needs some help so the princess just sits in her sled while Daddy sends her down the hill and then pulls her back up.  I will post some sledding pics later this week… PROMISE! 

For now, enjoy the smiles of our Christmas season: