My little man is becoming quite the gentleman.  He loves to dance with his sister when she is in her princess dresses and definitely notices when she "looks beautiful".  His teacher has told me before that he is always good about complimenting the girls in his class when they are dressed up and looking extra special. 

One night at dinner, a few weeks ago, he was listing the kids in his class.  He was telling us about all of the girls and says, "and then there's Isabella.  She's my best girl.  She has curlies."  Isabella is quite adorable and does have beautiful blond hair. 

Yesterday, we had Christmas with Ryan's family.  Trent cousins were all still in their church clothes and the girls looked very nice.  Trent, without any prompting, made it a point to tell all of his girl cousins that they looked beautiful.  "Oh, Ella, you look so beautiful", he would say.

Today, his assistant teacher who is very pretty told me that when I dropped him off at school this morning, she was getting some snuggles and he said, "Mrs. Cella, you are soooo beautiful."  I think he made her day.

I love that my little guy is so loving and kind.  However, sometimes it's a little awkward.  I think we have quite the ladies man in the making, but the time is coming very soon when we will have to teach him when it's appropriate and when it is not.  Oh, how I love my little guy.  He's such a sweetheart!