I've gotten a tad bit behind in my blogging.  Amidst the dr. appointments, we've done a lot this fall and have enjoyed lots of fun family time together.  Trent and Maggie play together more and more and with that comes more and more fighting/arguing.  Maggie misses her bubby when he is at school and always wants to know when he is coming home.  Trent is doing very well in school (after a little extra discipline at home).  He can write his whole alphabet and is sounding out and spelling lots of words.  He has a lot of maturing to do before he starts Kg so I am very glad that he has an extra year before starting.  Maggie is quite the little "helper" and is as always full of life.  She is enjoying being able to eat lots of yummy food again!  This week we are working on getting her re-potty trained.  You may remember that my sweet girl potty trained herself the week before she turned 2.  However, this last surgery and the lasix and diuretics she's been on have really shot that one out of the water.  We have rearranged her med. schedule with hopes of being able to get her back in panties again.  Today has been a success so far and for that I am sooooo thankful! 

So, take a look at what we have been up to in the last couple months:

Trying their best to keep Ryan from going on his business trip

Sept 2009 022

Maggie's first big time owie (other than surgery).  While Ryan was out of town, she fell off of the bar stool and her ear hit the other bar stool wrung as she came down.  Ouch!!!  She was mighty tough.  This picture doesn't even do it justice.  It looked even worse.  Poor Baby!  It's all healed up now, though.
Sept 2009 026 

Enjoying some spaghetti!  This girl can eat!

Sept 2009 035

Ryan is so good at coming up with fun things for them to do! He's an amazing Dad.

Sept 2009 036

Carving pumpkins on Halloween.  Trent wasn't very interested.

Sept 2009 054

Maggie wanted a princess pumpkin so Ryan carved a crown.

Sept 2009 055

Princess Cinderella

Sept 2009 080

Trent, the famous golfer

Sept 2009 083

Sept 2009 089

My sweet nephew, Seth Robert, the Rodeo Clown

Sept 2009 090