Maggie's pink party was a success!  We had lots of delicious, pink treats and we had fun visiting with friends and family. We all enjoyed a photo video that highlighted what God has done in Maggie's short 2 1/2 years, and then Ryan shared from His heart about Maggie and the story God is telling through her.  There were lots of us decked out in our pink.  Maggie's Daddy and bubby (after much convincing) even wore pink for her.

October2009 061

October2009 062

October2009 063copy

We did our best to explain to Maggie why she was having a pink party.  After thinking it was going to be her 3rd birthday party, she was finally able to understand that her party was to celebrate that "God and Dr. Gandhi fixed her heart."

If I counted correctly, there were 62 adults and kiddos here to celebrate what God has done in Maggie's life… And there are even more who have sent cards and letters for my sweet girl.  WOW!!!  As my brother and sister in law wrote to Maggie, "He mended your heart so that your life could be a testimony to HIS greatness and HIS love.  Always remember that God didn't fix your heart for you or for your mom and dad.  You are here to serve Him and fulfill His purpose for you.  God just started using your life to touch others earlier than most."  I would say that last night was proof that God has used Maggie's life to touch so many.

In Maggie's mind, a party involves blowing out candles… so that's what she did!

October2009 064copy

Mammy got some pinkalicious sugars!

October2009 068copy2

Adan, Robin, and Olivia (some of our "heart friends")

October2009 067copy

Erin (heart mama)

October2009 066copy

Sarah and Camden (more heart friends)

October2009 072copy

Angela and Abbie Lynn (more heart friends)

October2009 073copy

Abbie Lynn (sweet heart baby) wanting to do what her big sis is doing

October2009 074copy

Maggie and Camden (8 yrs. old) have very similar hearts

October2009 079copy

Angela and Maggie Jane

October2009 082copy