GIRL!  Evangeline Kait made it as difficult as possible for the ultrasound tech to see her precious little heart, but after at least an hour long echocardiogram, we learned that her heart is whole and functioning well!!!  We are so relieved and thankful to our God who has blessed us with this gift.  We give Him all the glory and can't wait to meet our sweet girl in a few months… right around Maggie's 3rd birthday. 

Maggie is very excited and poor Trent is getting there.  He was in denial for a good part of the day but it now coming around to the idea.  It was a VERY long day, and I am exhausted.  I feel like I've run a marathon today.  Thank you all for your prayers for our family and our sweet baby.  I felt an amazing amount of peace today, and can only credit that to my God holding me.  We will continue to pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby.