This tuesday, Ryan and I go to Barnes for our level 2 ultrasound at 9:15 and then at 1:00 we will have our fetal echocardiogram at SLCH.  Needless to say, we (mainly me) are very anxious and quite a bit scared.  I have managed to keep the fears and the "what ifs" at bay for these 17 weeks.  However, as the day is approaching, the fears are creeping in.  I have thought about all of the "what ifs" and how I would react if they came true.  I hate the thought of them.  We are hoping and praying for a healthy Sean Lincoln or Evangeline Kait, but we are also praying that God will give us the grace, peace, and strength to handle whatever we hear on tuesday.  He is a good God and He is forming this babe in my womb exactly how He wants him or her to be.  We covet your prayers as we face this week.  Please pray for peace on Tuesday.