Yesterday, Maggie had a check up with her cardiologist, Dr. Sharkey.  She said that Maggie's lungs sound great and she looks great.  She put her back on a regular diet but kept her meds the same.  She's allowed to eat anything she wants and we will go back next week for an x-ray to make sure the extra fat hasn't caused any fluid build up in her chest again.  We are praying for a clear x-ray, that's for sure.

When Dr. Sharkey told Maggie she could have a cheeseburger for lunch, Maggie started jumping up and down with excitement.  She couldn't wiat to get out of the parking lot and thought we should immediately go to McDonalds even though it was only 9:30.  We went to the mall and she got to have some of my frozen mocha from Panera Bread Co. and we did some shopping.  We then made our way to McDonalds and I had one very excited little girl.  I ordered her a cheeseburger happy meal with french fries.  She ate the whole cheeseburger, all of her fries, and drank all of her apple juice.  All the way through lunch, she kept asking me, "Dr. Gandhi say yes I can have cheeseburger?".  I'm not sure where she thinks Dr. Sharkey fits in the picture but Dr. Gandhi is obviously the boss in her mind.

Unfortunately, on the way to pick Trent up from school, she threw up all of her lunch.  Her poor little tummy was not used to all of that rich food and just couldn't take it.  We took it easy for the rest of the night and today.  She has still had a lot more fat than she was having, but not quite as much as a happy meal.  She has tolerated the increase today just fine, and is enjoying having some of her normal foods again.

At Walmart this evening, I put a big box of goldfish in the cart (we haven't bought them for 2 months) and she said, "Dr. Gandhi say yes? YIPPPPEEEEE!!!"  I don't think she has ever enjoyed a grocery shopping trip as much as she did tonight and neither have I.