For those of you who do not know, the church that we attend is the church that I grew up in.  It is a very small body of believers, and many of them are like family to us.  In fact, there was a man who was a member of our church since the beginning and was an integral part of our church body.  He was known to all of us as Grandpa Krauss.  We all loved him dearly and whether we all knew it or not, He was an integral part of each of our lives and the lives of those in our community.  Until, the day he died (which was almost a year ago), Grandpa prayed every morning for every person who had ever visited or attended our church.  He didn't lift us up as a group, but individually.  He didn't just list us by name, he prayed for each of us and lifted our needs to our Heavenly Father. 

As Grandpa got older and was confined to his wheelchair, he had a lot more time on his hands.  One of his favorite things to do in his last years was to send letters to total strangers (acquiring addresses from the phone book), sharing Jesus and the offer of prayer.  Quite often he would receive feedback, both positive and negative.  And now, long after his death, we are still receiving feedback from his outreach ministry.  Here is a letter that his family received recently:

Dear Mr Krauss,
Some time ago you had sent us a letter telling us you had picked our name out of the phone book and had prayed for us.  We are going through a very difficult time right now and I came across your letter once again.  In the letter you said if in the future you could pray for us to feel free to contact you.  I would be grateful if you could pray for our son Cory.  Cory had a heart transplant when he was almost a year old and has overcome so many obstacles and difficulties since then. He is now thirteen and once again in need of a miraculous touch from God.  The wall of his heart has become thick and his heart is not functioning as well as it should and they can find no cause as to why.  Doctors say they have really never seen this before in such a short period of time and are puzzled as to how even to treat him.  Please pray for Cory and for us that we will not lose hope and our faith and trust in God will remain strong.  I am so thankful to each and every person that is holding Cory up in prayer.

This is an amazing legacy for us to follow.  Grandpa Krauss was a man who loved the Lord with all of his heart, but more than anything, he was a man of prayer.  Obviously, there is so much of me that would like to find a way to contact this family and let them know I am praying for them… find out if there is anything I can do.  You all know how much I love to meet and help other heart families.  However, I think that this is probably a time to simply follow Grandpa Krauss' example and just pray for this young boy who needs a miracle.