I'm going to start this post by saying that much of this wording was taken from one of my heart mom blogging friends.  She was able to word things in a way that I've been trying to do for quite some time.  So, Mandy, thank you!!!

Those of you who have been reading my blog for the last 2+ years know that I have tried many times to explain how thankful we are for Maggie's CT surgeon.  Let me start this by saying that we, as a family, acknowledge our Heavenly Father as the Great Physiscian.  He alone is to be praised for the many miracles that have kept our Maggie Jane here with us.  As my friend said, He is the Giver and Sustainer of life, and the One who possesses the power to heal or to extend His loving arm to welcome His little ones home. That being said, it is clear that He uses extremely gifted individuals at times to carry out His purposes….this is one such man!

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 There is an awed reverence when I stand in this man's presence.

Words fail me.

I worship the ground he walks on.
I'm full of emotion that I'm unable to convey.
How do you express gratitude to the man who repaired your baby's broken heart 3 times?

The morning after Maggie was diagnosed, I was unable to handle hearing any more about her heart.  I couldn't comprehend sitting in a room with my newborn baby girl, my husband, and a man I did not know who was going to do his best to fix her.  So, I stayed home.  Ryan and my mom went and met with Dr. Gandhi to find out all about the surgery necessary to fix her heart, to ask all of the questions plaguing our minds, and to find out if there was any hope for our Maggie Jane.  After their meeting, my Mom called to tell me how the meeting went.  The first thing my mom said was "Faith, you're going to really like him."  Well, she was beyond right.  From day one, he was so respectful of my emotions and was amazing with our baby. 

The day after Maggie's last surgery, she was vomiting quite a bit and was still in a lot more pain than the nurses thought she would be in.  The fellow (who I wasn't thrilled with) began acting concerned and ordered an x-ray and some other tests.  I began to get worried and wondered what was going on.  I remember looking at my sister-in-law and just saying, I sure do wish Dr. Gandhi was here.  About 5 minutes after I said that, he walked in.  He immediately set me at ease just by being present.  He basically told me that everything Mags was doing was completely expected and while it was not fun for anyone, was completely normal.  I immediately calmed down and knew that we could deal with these symptoms.  She was okay, and I needed him to tell me that.  There wasn't a single other person in that hospital who could have convinced me everything was okay.  Just Dr. Gandhi.  Our Dr. Gandhi.

When Maggie was 5 months old, she had her 2nd heart surgery.  She was immediately terrified of anyone in medical uniform… nurse or doctor.  When they came in the room, she screamed… period.  Dr. Gandhi figured this out really quickly.  Before he walked in her room, his white coat came off and he would just come in and plop down on her bed as if he were a friendly visitor coming to chat.  She was fine with him, but only him.  No other doctor entered the room without tears from Maggie. 

This last time, Maggie wasn't as leary of the medical staff, but still was not very fond of them.  She usually cried when they were in her room and definitely if they were touching her.  They most definitely did not receive a smile from our sweet girl.  However, Dr. Gandhi would just come in and sit down on her bed and tickle and tease her.  She sometimes tried her best to not smile, but she couldn't help it.  He always got one out of her before leaving her room. 

Now, for the most classic Dr. Gandhi story:  When she had to go back in this last time for her pleural effusions (fluid in chest cavity), she was put on a fat free diet.  Her fat free hot dog had just been delivered to her room when he walked in.  He inspected her food tray, and said, "Is that a fat free hot dog?".  Without thinking, I said, "It sure is.  Try it.".  I never expected him to actually try it, but he did.  He immediately made the most disgusted face and said that it was horrible.  He told us later that it was the nastiest thing he had ever tasted.  Maggie thought it was hilarious.  If you ask her if Dr. Gandhi likes hot dogs, she says, "NO, he says blehh." and then she giggles.  

Maggie has so many reasons to be terrified of this man.  He has done some very awful things to her (even when she's been awake).  However, she has a love for him that is unexplainable and she trusts him completely.  Somehow, she knows that if he's doing something, that it's necessary.  If Dr. Gandhi says she can't eat something (that's what we tell her when something's not on her diet) then there's no complaining.  What Dr. Gandhi says, goes.  I love this.  I love that she knows he is special to us and to her.  She tells everyone that she's not sick anymore because Dr. Gandhi fixed her heart. 

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I love him with my whole heart.  Why?  Because he fixed her heart.