There's been so much going on in our lives in the last few weeks that I haven't been able to post about our every day happenings.  So, I'm gonna do my best to get caught up. 

Trent started preschool on Wednesday, Sept 9th.  We've been talking about it for a while now and he has always been excited to go even though I'm not sure he really understood what it would be.  The week before he started school, he got to go meet his teacher and see his classroom.  He was really disappointed that night when we left after 30 minutes and he didn't get to stay for school. 

So, last wednesday, I woke him up way earlier than he's used to getting up and he was so tired.  We snuggled for awhile and then he got dressed and while I was getting some things together, he almost fell back asleep on the couch:

Sept 2009 017(2)

After I got Maggie up and dressed, I, of course, wanted some pictures, but my sleepy kids were not very cooperative. 

Sept 2009 018(2)

After some begging and pleading, they cooperated… well sort of.

Sept 2009 020(2)


Sept 2009 021(2)

Once we got in the car and ate some breakfast, he was excited and ready for school.

Sept 2009 025(2)

After, we dropped him off, Maggie was so sad.  She kept asking where her bubby was and all the way home, she sang, "bye, bye bubby, bye bye bubby, bye bye bubby, we'll see again real soon". 

He had a great first day.  In fact, he didn't even want to come home.  His teacher says he has a hard time sitting in his seat but that will get better as the year goes on.  He's a boy, what can I say.  The only thing I can ever get out of him when I ask him what he did at school is, "we played".  Oh great!  Is that what we're paying for?  After going to his open house this week, I got to see what they have really been working on.  I'm so excited to see all that he learns this year.