After a 3 night stay in the hospital, Maggie is home again and boy is she feeling good.  On Friday, Maggie's chest tube drained at least 50 cc's of fluid, and she was one crabby little girl.  I think she was mostly mad that she was back in the hospital, but she was also uncomfortable with that tube in her side.   Because we were told that we would be there for a while, I decided that I would go home with Trent so I could get a good night's sleep and take Trent to his soccer workshop on Saturday morning.  Maggie was not happy when I left her that night.  When I told her I was going home, she kept asking, "why?" in the most pitiful voice ever.  I drug myself away and went home.  Saturday morning, I called to check on my girl and Ryan said that she had NO drainage throughout the night.  Dr. Gandhi said that it was either a miracle or her tube was not in the right place.  So they did a chest x-ray and it was perfect!  No fluid whatsoever.  Dr. Gandhi immediately took the tube out and my girl returned.  When I got there on Saturday morning, she was in a great mood and it only got better as the day went on.  I went home again on Saturday night with plans to return on Sunday after taking Trent to church.  We were hoping that she would get to go home, but were unsure.  Sunday, Maggie Jane was discharged!  After 3 nights instead of 7-10, our baby girl was back home where she belongs.  She is so happy to be home and boy is she pink!  She feels so much better than she did last week. 

This was once again a really hard time for us.  Noone wants to see their girl back in the hospital right after getting home.  It was so hard to explain to her that she had to stay the night in the hospital once again.  She didn't understand at all.   I hate all of the things that she has been through.  However, I hope that she will one day understand all of the miracles that make up her life.  God has been so good to us, and we are truely blessed.  She is one brave, strong, sweet, and beautiful miracle.