Yesterday, Maggie was admitted back in to the hospital.  :-(  She had been breathing a little funny (no distress) and her coloring was not as good.  So, I called the doc and they wanted us to come in for an x-ray.  She had significant pleural effusions (fluid in the chest cavity).  Dr. Gandhi drained it last night.  Wow!  I had not idea a 2 yr. old could have so much fluid in one side of her chest and still feel pretty good.  She's back on 7W and hangin in there.  She has the drainage tube and a pulse ox meter on… that's it.  They have increased her lasix and diuretic again and she is receiving a shot 3x daily to help dry up the fluid.  Unfortunately, the fluid is chyle which is a fatty substance that accumulates around the lung.  So, she is on a low fat diet for the next several weeks.  So, that's where we are and what's going on.   I'm at home right now packing stuff for the week and need to get busy.  Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!