In April, our family of 4 will welcome a new little one to the mix.  Ryan and I have known for a month now, but we just told the kids tonight.  They are both excited but wanted to know when the baby was coming… there's no concept of time.  Maggie wants her baby tonight.  The wheels in Trent's head are already turning as he asked me, "Mom, are you gonna spit the baby out?".  Oh boy! 

My official due date is April 17th but I will be induced 2 weeks early as I was with Maggie so that puts me at April 3rd… one day before Mag's birthday.  I'd really like to put a couple days between them.  We'll have to see how the scheduling goes. 

We are so excited about this new blessing in our lives and can't wait to see what life with 3 kids will be like.