Today has been a much better day all around.  Once we got rid of the night nurse who we found to be almost completly inept, things have been going much better (we have requested to not have him again).  Maggie got 2 of her 3 chest tubes out today and they also removed her pacemaker wires.  This was quite the ordeal but the PA, Mary, was wonderful and did it as quickly as possible.  I had no idea those chest tubes went so far in to her.  It appeared that they were in her at least 6-10 inches.  No wonder she feels so much better after getting them out!  Her right tube is still draining a decent amount so please pray that that slows down so we can get that one out as well.  Her newest "zipper" (incision) looks great. 

We thought that she would need a long nap after the tube removal but she stayed awake and wanted to go on a wagon ride.  So, we took her up to the rooftop garden here at the hospital.  It is so beautiful up there.  Ryan and I have spent some very memorable moments there with each other, with Trent, and with Mags these last two years.  It is a peaceful place to go to pray or to just get away for awhile.  After her "field trip" we came back to the room and made her walk just a little bit and then she took a really good nap.  She is no longer on morphine (just oxycodin and tylenol) and seems to be tolerating the pain just fine. 

We got her up and moving shortly after her nap and she took a good "long" walk.  It wasn't far compared to her normal busy self, but was 3 times longer than the walks yesterday.  She also did not fuss as much during her walk.  She has been eating much better today and even got some chocolate milk which is a first for her. 

Dr. Gandhi has been by twice today and even got a smile out of her. 

Again, we thank you all for the prayers.  This has been another life changing part of our journey.  God has been so good and we are so thankful for all of His blessings.